About Us

We want to help shape the future of the resources industry

State of Play is not just any research group

We want to help transform the industry by starting conversations around long term strategy and innovation.

We deliver deep insights through our surveys, interviews and reports, with the aim of empowering individuals, businesses and industry bodies to make informed, future focused decisions for the good of the resources industry and their communities.

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State of Play Team
State of Play Team

Analysing industry dynamics and shaping strategy design since 2012

State of Play began in 2012 as a curiosity project in trying to understand how innovation worked at a strategic level within the long timeframe, capital intensive mining industry. We started out with a simple idea- surveying and interviewing key industry leaders to draw out their knowledge and insights.

As the survey evolved, we realised the gap our data and insights were filling in the industry. No one else was directly engaging with executives and senior business leaders on strategy and innovation at the same scale as we were, gathering unfiltered feedback which was both validating and challenging perspectives of the industry.

Today, in addition to being an in-depth resource of industry workings, State of Play is recognised as a valuable arena for leaders to engage in dialogue and collaborate. We are creating knowledge, challenging ideas and helping businesses make more informed decisions. The result is a movement to evolve those macro-level insights into plausible solutions to help address challenges faced by the industry.

Our vision is to positively influence the resources industry and communities through the strategic insights we create.

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Our key principles

Be strategic
Build relationships and trust
Create insights, don’t source them elsewhere
Remain independent
Think global
Collaborate across industries