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I have a lot of reports that cross my desk from analysts, to have that level of insight, where you actually go and speak with executive management, where you go and speak with senior business leaders. For them to provide unfiltered, unadulterated feedback is really powerful.

Buru Energy CEO Thomas Nador
Thomas Nador

CEO Buru Energy

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2023 Mining Industry Survey- Trends shaping the future of mining

What the future of mining will look like given the imperative to decarbonise, the growing need to innovate when it comes to exploration and supply chains, and the growing negative perceptions from broader society?
2023 Mining Industry Survey- Report 1 Cover

2023 Mining Industry Survey- Mining strategy in a changing world

This report unpacks how the industry is transforming and what they need to do to harness opportunities and navigate challenges in the ever-evolving world.

2023 Critical Minerals: Developing Price Transparency

This report digs deep into the complexities of the current market mechanisms underpinning the critical minerals industry.
Critical Minerals an Industry Perspective

2022 Critical Minerals: An Industry Perspective

This report aims to outline how Australia can rapidly increase the global supply of critical minerals. Thirteen recommendations are provided through three different, but highly interrelated lenses: Geo-strategy, financing, and economic development.
Fuel the future: whats next for oil and gas

2021 Fuelling the future: What’s next for Oil and Gas?

This report looks at four external scenarios and four business strategies based on oil and gas companies grappling with decarbonisation pressures and future energy demands.
The Electric Mine Consortium Case Study

The Electric Mine Consortium: A Case Study on Transformative Collaboration

In the short time since the EMC was established by State of Play, the drive for change in the broader resources sector has accelerated. The largest global companies are investing directly in low emissions technology or working collectively to source solutions. The EMC is emerging as a key vehicle for the decarbonisation of the mining industry, particularly for underground operations, and will remain responsive to the rapidly changing external environment.
State of Play Delivery Volume 5

2021 Mining Industry Survey - Delivery Report

This report looks at the practical impact of the external world’s unpredictability and how the industry continues to push forward. Leaders must consider both the rapid advancement of technology, the changing expectations and capabilities of their workforce, and how to integrate the best of each to overcome the inherent complexity of implementing innovation.
State of Play Strategy Volume 5

2021 Mining Industry Survey - Strategy Report

Strategy appears glamorous. It is a game, pitting one entity against the world, conjuring old-school images of grand military planning and execution. In reality it is complex, dynamic, and imperfect. Formulating strategy is a complex combination of organic growth and deliberate decision-making. Today, mining strategists grapple with more complex global markets, rapid technology development, new ways of operating at every stage of the value chain and more external scrutiny than ever before.


No- they are absolutely free! We are all about knowledge creation and facilitating conversations, and we want to give as many people as possible the chance to engage with our reports.

The analysis in our reports is always unbiased- they are not our personal opinions, nor are they the opinions of our sponsors. They are based on the survey data, interviews with industry leaders and extensive research undertaken by our team.

Our team are on the pulse of what is happening in industry as we work closely with businesses, university and government, most notably through our Electric Mine Consortium. We aim to explore topics that would benefit from a deeper dive into the drivers, ecosystem and strategy required to address them.

We are always open to conversations about potential drilldown topics, or other ways you can collaborate on our publications. You can reach out to us here.