Critical Minerals an Industry Perspective

2022 Critical Minerals: An Industry Perspective

For the first time in decades, the scarcity of raw materials is threatening the pace, cost, and efficiency of technological advancement and the transition to a low-emission economy. This report aims to outline how Australia can rapidly increase the global supply of critical minerals. Thirteen recommendations are provided through three different, but highly interrelated lenses: Geo-strategy, financing, and economic development to ensure Australia remains:
  • A globally renown and competitive location for critical minerals investment
  • An integral supplier of critical minerals to global markets
  • It captures the full value of its ore
  • Executive Summary
  • Summary Table of Recommendations
  • The Geo-Strategic Backdrop
    • Domestication of supply chains
    • Cooperative opportunities for investment
    • Facilitating foreign investment
  • Fund or Fail
    • Barriers to investment
    • Overcoming the barriers
    • Types of intervention
  • Vested Interests: Upsteam Financing
  • The Full Value of Australian Resources
    • The Australian advantage
    • Australia’s next moves
    • Policy areas for immediate impact
    • Foundational government support
  • The Role of Technology?
  • Conclusion
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