2023 Mining Industry Survey- Report 1 Cover

2023 Mining Industry Survey- Mining strategy in a changing world

The mining industry finds itself at the epicentre of shifting global dynamics – external forces are challenging the status quo, forcing companies to rethink their strategy, organisational architecture and innovation approaches. More than ever, there is a requirement to think long term, embed innovation within strategy and rethink business models to capitalise on the next generation of mining opportunities. This report unpacks how the industry is transforming and what they need to do to harness opportunities and navigate challenges in the ever-evolving world. Look at this report as your handbook to help guide you through your decision-making processes when it comes to strategy, organisational architecture and innovation.   We recommend using Chrome for the smoothest download experience.


  • Introduction
  • External Forces
    • Can miners keep up with the changing climate?
    • Beneath the surface: The technology transformation
    • Keep your (geopolitical) friends close
    • Pay now or pay later?
  • Strategy
    • Community: Beyond care and maintenance
    • Marketing: A missed opportunity?
    • The battery driven boom
    • The eternal promise of exploration technology development
    • The all-important capital equation
  • Organisational Architecture
    • Aligning with the times
    • The road to innovation is paved with strategic intentions
    • The building blocks of transformative growth
    • Mining for new talent
    • AI & mining people: competitors or co-workers?
  • Conclusion
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