For Companies

State of Play works hand in hand with mining companies

Our surveys and reports are created with mining companies at the forefront of our minds.

Inform strategies

Organisational architecture, innovation and ecosystems are at the heart of all of our reports, which make them great tools to inform your strategies and planning processes.

Key insights

Communicate critical issues

Our reports provide a great overview of key challenges the mining industry are facing and can be used as an independent source of information when engaging with your board or shareholders.

Validate thoughts and ideas at a strategic level

As our insights are independent and informed by unfiltered interviews from industry leaders, executive teams use our reports to validate their own thinking.

I have a lot of reports that cross my desk from analysts, to have that level of insight, where you actually go and speak with executive management, where you go and speak with senior business leaders. For them to provide unfiltered, unadulterated feedback is really powerful.

Buru Energy CEO Thomas Nador
Thomas Nador

CEO Buru Energy