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State of Play surveys provide a unique insight into the minds of some of the industry’s key leaders and strategic thinkers.

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Previous surveys

Mining Industry Survey —

Our biennial Mining Industry Survey is core to State of Play’s research efforts. Running since 2014, the survey sees over 800 respondents providing insights into the changing global resources ecosystem and its effects on innovation and strategy.

Critical Minerals Survey —

Our Critical Minerals survey was conducted in 2022, with the aim of identifying how the mining sector can accelerate the supply of critical minerals, with a specific focus on project development in Australia.

Oil and Gas Survey —

Our Oil and Gas Survey was undertaken in 2021 and asked the opinions of global oil & gas industry executives and managers across a range of topics including innovation, strategy and technology in the industry.

Cybersecurity Survey —

Our Cybersecurity Survey was conducted in 2019. It aimed to unpack the impacts of cyber risk on the mining industry and how industry was strategically responding.

What this survey really does is drive an arrow through the major mining innovation issues. I hope people pay a great deal of attention to it.