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Welcome to the August edition of the State of Play newsletter

Industry Insights  

Oil and Gas

‍The scale of external forces is spurring change across the oil and gas industry. Data from our most recent survey clearly demonstrates  the magnitude of external disruption on the industry. 74% of oil and gas  executives believe renewable energy and electrification to have the biggest  impact on the industry over the next 15 years.

 Four key strategy approaches from oil and gas companies  have emerged that are predicated on the world responding to the climate  threat.

 The four strategies are not mutually exclusive nor  straight line approaches, many companies have smartly hedged bets across several  options and may switch as technology develops and the external environment  changes.

 The upcoming report will break down the core business  model approach behind each strategy and identifies options for how each may  play out.

core business model approach

 Waiting for the Oil and Gas report release? Why not check out our other publications.

Upcoming Projects and Releases

Oil and Gas

‍Oil and Gas

The Oil and Gas report,  sponsored by NERA, examines the future of the oil and gas industry, uncovering the challenges and potential opportunities facing the them.

Critical Minerals

Critical  Minerals

The Critical Minerals  report, sponsored by METS Ignited and MRIWA and supported by CSIRO, looks to identify how the mining sector can accelerate the supply of critical  minerals, with a specific focus on project development in Australia.

Indonesia Report

‍Indonesia Report

State of Play are proposing a piece of work on how the Indonesia-Australia resources and energy sectors can unlock mutual opportunities in Equipment, Engineering and Technology Services. If you are keen to get involved or want to know more details, contact us below.

EMC Surface Long Haul EV Challenge

The Electric Mine Consortium has released an EOI looking  for parties that can provide a solution in the area of surface long haul electric vehicle conversion and associated charging infrastructure. Find out more here.


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