Case Study — Mid-tier Miner

How our benchmarking product supercharged a mid-tier miner's transformation program

Case Study Mid-tier Miner Miner Transformation Program
Mid-tier Miner

Copper mining





Company Size

1000+ employees

Services we provided

Benchmarking, Tailored Survey

The client

A mid-tier miner had created a transformation team, who were tasked with thinking about the long-term competitiveness of the business.

The challenge

The team knew that to effectively develop a transformation program, they needed to have a good understanding on where they sat in the broader industry and how they could capitalise on external shifts.

To do that, they would need to benchmark themselves against industry, particularly across the areas of innovation and strategy.

The Solution

They engaged State of Play to conduct a tailored survey of the company’s management to understand the innovation structures employed and its strategic direction in comparison to peers.

The data was benchmarked against industry, using State of Play’s Mining Industry Survey, to give a solid understanding on where the company’s competitive advantage lie, and where they should be investing their time and money.

The survey covered all the aspects of mining, from external environment and strategy, to technology, organisation and implementation.

The results

  • The survey data directly informed a number of workshops, as well supporting board papers and internal team discussions.
  • The strategic implications of the data allowed the company to make more informed decisions.
  • And the benchmarking was utilised to justify and support C-suite led cultural and technology transformation programs.

Our services


Your data benchmarked against our State of Play industry surveys.

Tailored Survey

Customised survey questions based on your needs.